Doors, Frames, and Door Hardware Scheduling

AHC has a seamless documentation approach

We don’t ask you to adopt an external software generated report and incorporate it into your documents. Instead we effectively become a part of your team working with your internal preferred excel spread sheet system comprising data from Revit or CAD and help assess, review and develop your drawings in consultation with you.


The first 15 or more columns of your excel spread sheet (Location, Door Tag, Door Type, Height, Width, Finish, Rebate, Frame Type, Fire Rating Etc) we help develop through early involvement with your design team. This is the most crucial part of the process and one that AHC cannot emphasis more. Once, these columns have been finalised in conjunction with your design intent AHC then populates the door hardware and access control columns. Please note the Door Hardware Schedule becomes a controlled document once the Door Hardware and Access Control columns have been populated. AHC does not let out the live excel spread sheet.

AHC produces a Product Imagery Legend

AHC produces a Product Imagery Legend that is read in conjunction with the Door Hardware Schedule codes. This is perfect if you need to know what the Door Closer or Door Furniture looks like. It provides you a quick reference to view the product. The Product Imagery Legend is also of great value to the Builder so that they can visualise the Door Hardware outcome. Start a conversation today with AHC and let us take care of your Doors, Frames And Door Hardware Scheduling…