Auditing and Defects

AHC provides independent auditing services

Architectural Hardware Consulting Pty Ltd (AHC) provides independent auditing services that are centred on Australian Standards, Building Codes Australia compliance and the legislated/regulatory framework governing accessibility, environmental, security, acoustic and engineering to support project compliance and reduce defect and non-compliance regarding door openings, doors, frames, door hardware, electromechanical locking and security access control.

AHC provides photographic reporting for both forms of Auditing and Defects listing

Whether it is an existing building and you wish to discuss future plans to change/update your main entrance door openings or just add security access control, or whether the project is a Greenfield’s operation that we have not previously been engaged on, AHC is able to Audit Pre-Existing or New Construction conditions for compliance.

Our fees are commensurate with the percentage of project construction value and/or an agreed scope of works.