Automatic Doors

AHC is a specialist consultancy in Automatic Door Openings.

AHC utilises a wealth of Pedestrian studies combined with Building Code and Legislative Regulation compliance to achieve Design requirements and Door Opening Solutions. You could say AHC specifications Open Doors for people! And we do but, the real value is when we help you to mitigate all your code requirement headaches such as Finger, Head and Body entrapment and deliver a compliant solution to your Opening.

AHC has the Solution for you

Public Buildings, Hospitals, Aged Care, Hygiene and Sterile Environments, DDA Accessibility, Educational Institutions, Industrial, Commonwealth, Retail, Glass Facades it doesn’t matter what the project type is.

Every day applications

Sliding and Swing no hassle applications are something AHC Specifies with ease on a daily basis taking into consideration your mounting criteria and aesthetic considerations. AHC also Specialises in Hermetic, Smoke Rated, Climatic Energy, Revolving, Cavity, Curved, Low Profile, Above Ceiling Mount, Bi-sliding and High Security Automatic Door Opening Solutions.

Start a conversation today with AHC and let us Solutionise your Automatic Door Openings.