Architectural Hardware Consulting Pty Ltd (AHC) consults and advises to the construction building industry to help lessen unnecessary mistakes with Non-Compliant Door Openings and associated Architectural Hardware and Security Access Control.

AHC helps construction builders deliver successful projects by integrating our knowledge of code compliance of Doors, Frames and Architectural Hardware with your building skills.

Our range of expertise caters for a wide variety of clients from Design and Construct builders requiring a full code compliance risk mitigation service during Design Phase, to large Construction firms requiring technical advice on the inter-relationship between such components as Acoustic Doors Seals, Electro-mechanical Devices, Security Access Control, Fire Life Safety, DDA Accessibility, Automatic Sliding and Swing Door Operators and Architectural Door Hardware.

So where do you start. Our experience shows that early intervention maximises the best outcomes and bang for your buck. The earlier we can review the proposed door openings with the inter-related design disciplines of Electrical (Security), Fire Engineer (Path Of Egress), Acoustics (Environment & Privacy), DDA (Accessibility) and understand your client requirements the earlier we can help lessen your risk.

Our clients also speak highly of our door hardware workshops that when adopted helps your sub-contractors visualise the door opening functionality and what they need to do to achieve compliant finished door, frame and door hardware solutions.