Door Openings Design

Architectural Hardware Consulting Pty Ltd (AHC) provides Independent Consultancy and Advisory services to the commercial, industrial Building Owners Industry. Our key value of consultancy is risk mitigation of Compliant Door Openings in Buildings. Our success is due to maintaining a highly personalised service directly with clients, ensuring personal attention to detail regardless of project type, large or small. Don’t leave your Building to the Industry and their Sub-Consultants to necessarily get the Door Openings Compliant.

Mitigate Early

More often than not, we see clients missing out on crucial advice because their Design Team has simply overlooked or not allowed for compliance disciplines during the Design Phase. With the continual strengthening of BCA and Standards Australia as well as, the advance of technology, more now than ever the industry of Door Openings has become a discipline in it’s own right and weighs more on due diligence.

Standout Service

Whether you are a Building Owner of a handful of Door Openings or thousands of Door Openings AHC utilizes it’s wealth of learned experiences as well as, our up to date code compliant knowledge base to help lessen your risk.


If you are about to embark on a New Project, the best advice we can give you is Engage our Knowledge Directly and Early in the process. If you have an existing property that presents Door Openings with difficulties or simply want to plan for future contingencies, talk to us about Solutions and Advice.